Banda Caribe


Mr. B

Background Vocals

Mr. B has been playing guitar for over 40 years. Though he honed his skills in the jazz clubs of St. Louis, he has also performed blues, rock & roll, classical and even old-time fiddle music.
In a previous life, Mr. B was a Cubano Timbalero.


Miscellaneous Percussion

After spending 14 years of her youth in Puerto Rico, and living in Brazil for 3, Jean's perfect Spanish and Portuguese give her beautiful voice an authentic Latin feel.

Background Vocals

Matt took up flute at an early age, influenced by Tim Weisberg, Eric Dolphy and Ian Anderson. He began playing bass in high school, and studied music at the University of Miami. Matt has performed throughout New England with jazz, folk, blues, rock, Latin and pop groups. He worked with Breton folk group Trouz Bras, guitarist Rich Falco, and toured Scandinavia and the Baltics with pianist/singer Sean Bell.
The only Spanish phrase he can say is "¡muy caliente!" which he thinks means "play faster!".

Background Vocals

Tony has spent the last decade performing with all the best Jazz musicians on the Cape. He paid his dues rehearsing with his fathers orchestra in New York City, and playing around southwestern Connecticut in a band with his brother.

Banda Caribe
This is the previous iteration of the band, which began performing in St. Louis in 2000. 
Mr. B

Mr. B has been playing guitar for over 35 years.  During that 
time, he has performed jazz, blues, rock & roll, classical and 
even old-time fiddle music.  When he is not trying to start 
a new band, or moaning the loss of one that fizzled out before it 
even got started, he can be found sitting-in with other 
musicians, or working at his day job as a soul proprietor.
In a previous life, Mr. B was a cubano timbalero.

Mr. B preferred to name this band "Banda Caribou"


Dr. Toast

Dr. T is a true itinerant musician. 
He began his love affair with jazz 
in high school, while studying  at 
the Navy School of Music and while
touring the rice paddies of Korea with 
the Army Band.  Dr. Toast has played 
in small and big band jazz groups in 
St. Louis.  He is fascinated with 
John Coltrane and with the tenor sax, 
although he can often be heard 
mumbling ‘I like Sonny’. 

Dr. T preferred to name this band 
"Caribe Dan"


El Presidente Del Tumbao

El Presidente preferred to name this band
"Nashville Caribe"

El Bongo Nino
Percussion & Drums

El Bongo Nino preferred to name this band
"Bongo Caribe"

El Nino
Founding Bass Player

El Nino preferred to name this band
"Brand X Cubano"


Senior Casa
 Drummer Emeritus

Senior Casa preferred to name this band
"Branson Caribe"


Alternate Percussion

Thor preferred to name this band
"Viking Calypso"